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Hi i'm not really here and i am currently considering the future of this blog BUT IN THE MEAN TIME DARLING SHERISE IS POSTING FOR ME :')


Anonymous asked:
delete bitch

Lol fuck you don’t tell me how to live my life

Anonymous asked:
you can't delete, you blog is so good and you're so nice and, and i love you!

wow omg that’s so nice of you and thank you! but honestly man, idk, i can’t really enjoy the show like i used to without feeling the pressure to make gifs and edits and that’s all very time consuming :/

but maybe i’ll just leave this blog here for a while like idk what to do with it…

Hairporn Queens: Hanna Marin (Pretty Little Liars, season 3)


do you really think that the A team would just let toby into their club and be like “lol toby we know you’re dating the girl who’s life we are trying to ruin but we trust you welcome 2 da team”


can I just say how much I love this scene? Emily just straight murdered Nate’s ass and Caleb doesn’t even know why, yet he walks over to Emily and hugs her. I love the fact that he loves Hanna’s friends.

best boyfriend award 

You know what they say about hope, it breeds eternal misery.