The Adventures of ShayButtah and AshBenzo

Hi i'm not really here and i am currently considering the future of this blog BUT IN THE MEAN TIME DARLING SHERISE IS POSTING FOR ME :')


Anonymous asked:
where do you get pics to edit?

Ummm for new pictures I get most of them from the tumblr tags, for new event images I use WireImage, and for photoshoots and whatnot I use this website, or I google the celebrity I want and add ‘fansite’ or ‘gallery’ at the end.

I was a grade-A nerd, and a late bloomer. My first kiss, not like stupid truth or dare or spin the bottle, my first kiss on a date, when it mattered, I was almost 18. It was in his bedroom, watching the National Geographic special on moon jellyfish. I was terrified and more interested in the screen and the jellyfish and when he kissed me I was shaking so hard and pulled away so fast I hit my head on his bed. Yeah, I’m just that awesome.