The Adventures of ShayButtah and AshBenzo

Hi i'm not really here and i am currently considering the future of this blog BUT IN THE MEAN TIME DARLING SHERISE IS POSTING FOR ME :')


Anonymous asked:
how do you make manips?

It’s really hard to explain, but what I do is I find 2 pictures of the celebrities posing with another person, and they have to be on alternate sides, e.g. Demi Lovato has to be on the left in one picture, Shay would have to be on the right in her picture. And then I use the polygonal lasso tool to cut one of them out and paste it into the other picture and make the person bigger or smaller and erase some of the parts to make it look natural! :)

Anonymous asked:
You know when making a gif on photoshop how do you get the text on all layers?

Well you select all your frames so that it looks like this:

and then you put your text layer on top of all the layers like this, and make sure it’s visible:

and then click the unify layer button as shown below:


Anonymous asked:
post/10007651488 how do you cut her SO prefectly? i'm jealous!

aww don’t be jealous! you can cut ppl out perfectly too with these simple tips! oh my god i sound like those infomercials

okay well i zoom in like really close, like 500%, and then i use the polygonal lasso tool and just carefully cut troian out, and then i zoom back out and if it still doesn’t look perfect, then i zoom back in really close again and i use a small eraser and erase all the imperfections. it probably won’t look like anything zoomed in but when you zoom back out, it should look really good :)

Anonymous asked:
How do you make your photosets/ gifs?

i’m desperately tying to find you a good tutorial because i’m too lazy to write one up :L but i’ll just do one anyways.

1. i download hd episodes of pll and then i use gomplayer to get screen caps

2. i open photoshop and i go file > scripts > load files into stack

3. then i go to the drop out menu of the animation bar thing and select make frames from layers. ( if you don’t have the animation thing go to window > animation )

4. then i select all frames and click reverse frames in the drop out menu thing. if your frames aren’t reversed then you don’t need to do this.

5. i then change the frame delay to like 0.2s but you can do whatever you want.

6. then i apply my colouring on the gif. usually i just drag a psd onto it cos it’s easier.

7. then i resize the width of the gif to 500px.

8. then i select each layer and the frame and sharpen it.

9. then i go file > save for web and devices, i set my settings like this :

i usually select pattern cos it looks nice. but pattern makes the size of the gif bigger so if you can’t afford to do that then just select no dither. the minimum amount of colours i use is 128.

yup that’s pretty much it!

some helpful tips:

- to decrease the size of the gif i usually add a selective colour layer onto of everything. layer > new adjustment layer > selective colour > black > increase the blacks

- i usually only have about 13 frames.

- i usually stop the background from moving by using this tutorial.

yup that’s pretty much it i think! i sincerely hope tis really bad tutorial helped! ask me if you have any questions (:

Anonymous asked:
post/7501459153 - how did you do the distorted effects on the side of these pictures?

1. i extend the canvas size to a desired length/width.

2. I then use the rectangular marquee tool and draw a square near the edge of the picture as shown below.

3. Then i right click on the thing i just drew and select free transform.

4. I then drag it, and you can drag it as much as you want.

5. Voila! Results :) hope this helped!